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Galvanized Strut

Strut & Accessories
  • Pre-Galvanized, Green Powder Coated & Hot Drip Galvanized
  • Made for heavy applications, fastening, tube routers, or construction pipes
  • Galvanized steel channel has better corrosion resistance in wet environments than zinc-plated steel and can be used outdoors.
  • Suitable for all kinds of support applications, can also be used as a guide rail.
Item1 5/8 in x 1 5/8 in1 5/8 in x 13/16 in3/8 in1/2 in
12 ga Galv Deep Strut-10 FooterUST001   
14 ga Galv Deep Strut-10 FooterUST008   
14 ga Galv Shallow-10 Footer UST013  
Struct Acc- Galv Nut  F11-NT0037EGF11-NT0050EG
Struct Acc- Galv Washer  NUTWOS-0037EGNUTWOS-0050EG
Struct Acc- Galv Channel nut with Spring  NUTLS-0037EGNUTLS-0050EG

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